Stage Kinetik GmbH constructs and produces turntables with a diameter ranging from 0,20 to 25 meters with various set ups. Bearing loads of up to 90 tons or more are possible in accordance with the diameter and the design variations. Larger diameters and specials constructions are possible upon request.

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Lifting platforms

Lifting platforms make an imposing impression in all kinds of presentation and event areas! With these platforms, you can raise for example vehiculars or even musicians up to dizzy heights.

Lifting loads of 3000 kilograms are no problem for our lifting platforms. You can request platforms with a base of 10 square meters.

Need a bigger platform?

No problem! We'd like to offer you individually manufactured platforms or additional elements. And in case, one lift platform cannot lift your load, we're able to link two or more platforms together.

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Chain hoists

Stage Kinetik stocks more than 180 different electric chain hoists compliant with DGUV V54 and DGUV V17 for operations on and off stage. On the one hand they are useful for installing truss systems at high altitudes, on the other hand they're able to move truss beams with moving lights around a stage for effective lighting in contrast rigid stage lights. Likewise the scenic lifting and lowering of big loads - for example a flying LED-wall - are able with electric chain hoists.

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Movecat VMK-S

Movecat Controller

Overhead scenic runs of several different stage elements are sophisticated. They could be realized optimally by the I-Motion Expert-T II System Controller. Applications with more than 240 drives can be controlled by this digital system. Control in mixed operation of DGUV V54, DGUV V17 to SIL3 drives can be realized without problems. The option even exists of integrating already existing drives and other stage machinery. The safe, efficient and intuitive control of key operating and run parameters is facilitated by an application-optimized, backlit input keyboard with tactile feedback and a multifunctional 3D control knob.

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I-Motion Expert-T II

Winch SIL3

The VMW-S 125-3 has been tested in accordance with DGUV V17, DIN 56950 and DGUV G315-390 and approved for use over human heads and in aerial systems as well as conforming to EN 61508 SIL3. It moves loads up to 125 kilograms at speeds continuously variable from 0 to 3m/sec. The winch achieves acceleration values up to astounding 3m/sec². The hoisting height is up to 24 meters. Maintenance-free or else ultra-low-maintenance mechanical and functional elements assure problem-free use even under stressful tour conditions.

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Telescopic microphone

This inconspicuous microphone stand can be unobtrusively recessed into the stage floor at the touch of a button and it has already been used during several award ceremonies like the Bambi Award, the Echo or the German Film Award. It is, for example, useful if the award winner, who is not provided with a clip-on microphone, wants to talk to the audience or give thanks to his producer, as no assistant is required to place a microphone on stage. Moreover, the height of the stand can be individually adjusted to the speaker's body size.

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Trusses and Rigging

Stage Kinetik stocks various trusses made of aluminum and steel, with different lengths, called Tower Truss, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and CD-Truss. They are qualified for different qualifications – from lightweight construction to installations in areas exposed to heavy loads. Truss specifications as follows:

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