After the sensational Boy meets World Tour through Europe, Drake visited Australia and New Zealand as part of his tour in November 2017. In cooperation with Glow Motion Technologies, the winch technology of Stage Kinetik was also used for the hall and stage design to create extraordinary moods and designs using different shapes and color changes.


Under the management of En Attendant Éclairage & Décors Sarl Frédéric Godeau, the Christmas decoration of the famous Lafayette department store in Paris was realized this winter using Stage Kinetik technology.

Certification according to DIN EN 1090-1
DIN EN 1090-1

Since July 1st 2014, whether a one-man business or companies with hundreds of employees - all distributors of aluminum or steel structures are subject to the EN 1090 standard and associated certification.

The objective of EN 1090 goes far beyond that of the predecessor standard DIN 18800 and concerns not only welding but also almost all production areas in order to be able to guarantee a producable quality of the manufactured products.

Movecat VMW-S Entertainment Winch
Movecat VMW-S 125-3

The VMW-S 125-3 has been tested in accordance with DGUV V17, DIN 56950 and DGUV G315-390 and approved for use over human heads and in aerial systems as well as conforming to EN 61508 SIL3. It moves loads up to 125 kilograms at speeds continuously variable from 0 to 3m/sec. The winch achieves acceleration values up to astounding 3m/sec². The hoisting height is up to 24 meters. Maintenance-free or else ultra-low-maintenance mechanical and functional elements assure problem-free use even under stressful tour conditions. Read more …

Movecat I-Motion Expert-T2
Expert-T2 System Controller

The I-Motion Expert-T2 System Controller: the high-end product for the systemic control of kinetic drives in larger and complex projects. Developed for applications with up to 240 drives, it allows the control and supervision of any application, in the field of rigging for example, in connection with DGUV V54, DGUV V17 to SIL3 drives at fixed or variable speeds. Even control in mixed operation of DGUV V54, DGUV V17 to SIL3 drives can be realized without problems. The controller is equipped for overhead scenic runs. Read more …

Movecat VMK-S chain hoists
Movecat VMK

VMK-S hoists are the state-of-the-art on the world market with a feature set and quality of performance that make them suitable for the most critical applications such as operation in TV studios, theatres and events — anywhere, indeed, where maximum performance, safety and versatility are called for. Read more …

  • 2 independent and noiseless brakes
  • dynamic Load measuring system
  • thermal overload protection
  • closed linkage and positive locking between drive and chain mechanism
  • exact positioning of +/- 1 mm
  • optimized for very quiet operation