Audi A6L Guangzhou 2012

The south Chinese city Guangzhou is also known as "Factory of the World". That didn't come out of the blue. Twice in a year in the capital of the province Guangdong world's greatest trade fair for import and export took place. In 2012 this was a milestone regarding electronic mobility. This new Audi A6L is 10 centimeters longer than all the other Audis and enters the market initially only in China.

4 flying systems and 6 winches for artists, adjustable speeds up to 2 m/sec

For the presentation of the Audi A6L in Guangzhou 2012 Stage Kinetik provided all the kinetic elements. All in all 4 flying systems with EHB tracking for artists with an adjustable vertical speed of 2m/sec and a horizontal speed up to 4 m/sec were used as well as 6 winches each with an adjustable speed up to 2 m/sec. The EHB tracking had various curves so the artists could follow the curved LED wall sections All flying systems in use were programed and controlled by the SKV control system and the 6 winches by the Expert-T-Show control, made especially by Stage Kinetik for this event.

The long versions of European sedans belong to the streets of Chinese metropoleis for years. While most of the other brands generally limit to long versions of their luxury cars for the Chinese car market, Audi is conceptualizing and selling there exclusive models for years. The number of sales shows that this concept have often been crowned with success - not least because of the presentation in Guangzhou with all the perfect kinetic parts made by Stage Kinetik.

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