Audi Experience Days Copenhagen 2012

At the end of July 2012 at the Audi Experience Days in Copenhagen raffle's winners could test drive the new A3 along a reserved route. With a second new model the participants traversed the progressive downtown of Copenhagen. Both drives created for one: total delight!

Megascreen (28 meters) a roll up screen

Stage Kinetik prepared and implemented the motion technology for the Audi Experience Days 2012. A Megascreen with a width of 28 meters and a height of 7m was used. This is a special roll up screen, which can be rolled up and down. Roll speeds up to 0,4m/sec, so that the arear or view behind the screen could be used for other presentations. The system components are made of an innovative winding-mechanism and carbon tubes, perfect for use for events or permanent installation.
Megascreen is an optical highlight and unique regarding mobility, dimension and velocity.

Photo © Stefan Bösl kbumm.agentur

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