BMW at the IAA 2007

World premiere of an hydraulic system

It takes just 3 months for Stage Kinetik to realize a lifting system for mobile LED walls, which is unique anywhere in the world, for the booth of BMW on the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt.

The lifting system consisted of 18 lifting cylinders larger than 190 millimeters diameter, a height of 4 meters and in the shape of chrome steel pillars. The maximum driving speed is 6m/sec, with a range of motion of 2200 millimeters and an angle accuracy predominates of 0,2 millimeters.

18 lifting cylinders, 7,2 tons moving load

The plant was developed for movements in vertical plains, steered by the hard- and software made by Stage Kinetik. The moving processes for each cylinder were tuned to the choreography processes of the show. Each of them can be moved particularly.

The whole stage construction weighs 23 tons, 7,2 of them is moving load.

1700 liters oil per minute, pressure: 100 bar

The hydraulic unit, made especially for that, has a flow rate about 1700 liters per minute, a working pressure about 100 bars and an oil tank for 5000 liters. The weight of the unit ranges 15 tons.

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