Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2011

The most prosperous casting-show in the world and Stage Kinetik was a part of its success! In Germany "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" captures an audience of millions at the TV-screens - by now for more than ten years. The days when "DSDS" was purely a matter of winning the contest are long gone. True to the motto "The way is the aim" the live shows during the competition became more and more important - they were staged glossier and more sublime. For years Stage Kinetik supports the motion technology of this production based in Cologne.

LED wall as opening gate, 8 chain hoists for the circular lighting units, 12 chain hoists for decoration

Starting point for every performance was the enormous center LED wall (5,38 x 6,72 meters, 2600 kilograms), which is made of 12 x 15 Barco I-Lite6 modules. It's not only very important for the atmosphere of the candidates' performances, it sets the mood on the whole stage, but also it was used as an opening gate. Around that wall more LED walls, also movable, were mounted: 4 x 9 Barco O-Lite modules (each 896 x 672 millimeters and 58 kilograms).

At the ceiling of the hall 12 chain hoists were installed, to let artists and decoration fly. Additionally 8 SIL3 chain hoists should be mentioned. They moved the circular lighting units (diameter each 4,8 meters and 820 kilograms weight) above the moderation-corners at each side of the center stage, so that they could perfectly assimilate in the stage's atmosphere.

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