Deutschland sucht den Superstar 2014

RTL designed an all new stage for the live-shows of the eleventh season of the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". Like in the years before, Stage Kinetik was rewarded to make the kinetic elements for the show.

LED wall as opening gate, 2x vertical movable LED wall and chain hoists for decoration

Deutschland sucht den Superstar Logo 2014

Starting point for every performance is the enormous center LED wall (5,38 y 6,72 meters, 2600 kilograms), which is made of 12 x 15 I-Lite6 moduls of Barco. It's not only very important for the atmosphere of the candidates' performances, because it sets the mood on the whole stage; but also it is used as an opening gate. Around that wall more LED walls, also movable, were mounted: 4 x 9 O-Lite moduls of Barco (each 896 x 672 millimeters and 58 kilograms).

Left and right of the stage are 2 additional LED walls installed that could be moved vertically contiguous with each other, they are hang on 8 chain hoists. At the ceiling of the hall 8 chain hoists were installed, to let artists and decoration fly. Trusses in total length of 70 meters were mounted as a "Pre-Rigg". In total 9,3 tons hung off the ceiling of the studio.

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