Echo 2007

In every year both, established artists and newcomers, club together in Berlin for honoring "old-favorites" and trendy fashioned artists. Oliver Geissen and Yvonne Catterfeld were the hosts of the Echo-awarding at the 25th of March 2007. Among others Robbie Williams, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eminem were honored. Stage Kinetik delivered some kinetic elements for a perfect show!

Carbon tube, submersible microphone, several moveable LED walls

Called into action were: a submersible microphone, several moveable LED walls (with a length of travel of 30 meters - variable speeds - moveable horizontally and vertically), stage gates (sized 6 x 8 meters, equipped with LEDs), a stage-riser (sized 10 x 8,50 meters). 4 treadmills for the performance of the "No Angels", a lifting device for the gig of Jennifer Lopez, 6 lift platforms for "Tokio Hotel, a carbon tube (16 meters wide, with a back projection wall) and sundry chain hoists of VarioLift for traverse beams at the ceiling of the hall. For the rigging of this event was responsible the SK Projekt GmbH.

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