Echo 2008

Much kinetics for the Echo

Europe's important award for music, the Echo, took place in 2008 in the middle of February in the international congress centrum in Berlin. Winners in the show, which was hosted by Nazan Eckes, were among Herbert Grönemeyer, Nelly Furtado and Die Fantastischen Vier.

Since 2003 Stage Kinetik has been managing the stage of the show lasting three-and-an-half-hour with kinetic elements. The whole equipment made sure that the high-quality celebrities stood perfectly in the middle of this top-class event.

Mobile LED walls + drivable stage-gates (6 x 8 meters)

The technology included: a pop up microphone, developed by us; several horizontally and vertically mobile LED walls, with a tracking of 30 meters and variable speeds; horizontally and vertically drivable stage-gates with 6 x 8 meters and fitted with thousands and thousands of LEDs; various variable chain hoists in the ceiling for light trusses.

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