Eurovision Song Contest 2011

92 Movecat VMK-S chain hoists, 10.000 meters data cable, 60 x 18 Meters moveable LED wall

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 - 1

With winning the contest in Oslo in 2010, Lena fetched the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in the next year for Germany. The event took place in Düsseldorf, Stage Kinetik realized the kinetic elements of the stage.

Core of the presentation was a stage with a diameter of 32 meters, flanked by a moveable big LED wall (60 meters wide and 18 meters high). Thanks to 92 Movecat VMK-S-500 24-24 chain hoists with 2 system controllers it was a perfect show! They all were positioned and controlled accurately to the millimeter by a computer-based controller.

All this equipment was required because of the elaborate changes in scenic settings. More than 6000 motion sequences were controlled synchronously in the connection with the light- and media-performances to create 43 independent stage atmospheres.

Even the network and cable-system opened new dimensions. All in all about 10.000 meters of data cable were installed - just for the Movecat system. An enormous challenge - the team of Stage Kinetik had to work fast, because there were just a couple of days to realize and install all in Düsseldorf.

Lena didn't cause a sensation by winning the 2nd time, but all spectators became part of a perfect evening - not least thanks to the motion technology of Stage Kinetik.

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