Eurovision Song Contest 2013

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - 1

In May 2013 Malmö temporally became the most recognizable city of Scandinavia. Because in Malmö the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) 2013 took place on May 18th. 11.000 visitors at the sold out Malmö-Arena and in addition more than 125 million TV-spectators Europe-wide experienced the show. Winner of the ESC 2013 is the Danish artist Emmelie de Forest with the song "Only teardrops".

11-tons heavy bridge and 58 VMK-S-500 chain hoists

For the finale and for the both semi-finals, Stage Kinetik equipped the stage with the kinetic parts. For the finale, Stage Kinetik equipped 58 VMK-S-500 chain hoists. 34 of them with a chain length of 24 meters and the remaining ones with 18 meters length.

The 58 chain hoists were put into use on the special effects as follows: 22 of the chain hoists moved an 36-meters long and 11-tons heavy bridge above the audience. The bridge was - phased down - like a connection between the hall's surrounding and the satelite stage. The teams of every single country marched over the bridge at the beginning of the show. The bridge was fitted with a lot of moving lights and effects and when lifted up at the hall ceiling it was an optical highlight. 24 of the chain hoists moved other dynamic show-elements: 12 trusses, each with 2 motors, operated in the on- and off-stagesettings. Weight load approx. 500 kilograms each. 6 more chain hoists moved 2 trusses for lightning, each equipped with 3 motors - weight load approx. 650 kilograms.

6 chain hoists for 2 movable V-shaped backdrop

Last but not least there were 6 chain hoists, which moved an V-shaped backdrop during the artists' performances, so that the lights mounted behind it came into use. That created an individual atmosphere for every single performance! The movable backdrop weighed approx. 2500 kilograms.

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