Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - 1

The 60th Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) was held this year in Vienna on the 23rd of May. The opening ceremony already was a goosebumps moment for example due to the breathtaking light show. Last year's winner Conchita Wurst opened the finale with the motto song of this year's ESC, "Building Bridges".

Kinetic ballet of spheres installed above the audience using 629 winches

The kinetic ballet of spheres consisted of a matrix of 37x17 spheres, which were individually hung of on a winch. Each sphere was filled with approx. 800 grams of rape to prevent the ropes from sagging when quickly lowering them. The winches were attached to a 10.2 meters deep and about 29 meters wide truss square. The center sphere row could be moved along an EHB track so an aerial system could be moved through the kinetic ballet of spheres on which last year's winner Conchita Wurst was flown during the show. Conchita even visited our pre-assembly hall in Castrop-Rauxel for a test flight.

Aerial system with SIL3 for "Conchita Wurst"

The aerial system consisted of 2 MoveCat winches which were hung on 3 EHB heavy-load trolleys. The ropes of the winches were aligned by using 4 pulleys in such a way that the 2 ropes were led downwards to connect to a specially fabricated variable flying bracket. From the flying bracket, two additional ropes were attached to the aerial harness in which Conchita was flown.

Movable LED wall with a total length of 26.4 meters

In the rear area of the stage, 2 moving LED walls was located, which was also hung on an EHB track. The were 13.2 meters wide and 9 meters high on each side. 2 static LED walls with a width of 4.2 meters each were installed at a distance of only 25 centimeters in front of it. The entire visible LED surface was thus 313 square meters and the weight including motion technology was more than 9500 kilograms.

Furthermore, we supplied 3 roll-screens with a width of 8 meters as well as 3 projector trusses, which were each hung on 3 MoveCat chain hoists.

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