Ford Sydney AIMS 2010

Sea Container for Ford Ranger presentation, about 7.5 tons

In 1988, the Australian International Motor Show (AIMS) moved from Sydney to Melbourne and in 2010, it came back to Australia's largest city. From the 15th to the 24th of October, numerous automobile manufacturers presented their new models there. Stage Kinetik has put an impressive spotlight on Ford's booth.

A 12 meter long sea container was used, which was attached to a steel frame. The new Ford Ranger was lowered through the bottom of the container. The construction comprising container (about 4 tons), light installation (about 1 ton) and the vehicle (about 2.5 tons) hung of a bearing ring (diameter: 2.3 meters) by 8 chain hoists. The vehicle itself stood on a steel frame inside the container, which was hang of by another 4 chain hoists and could be lowered through the bottom of the container.

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