Grill den Henssler - Kocharena

Welcome on board, the "ship's kitchen"

There is currently a variety of cooking shows on German TV. Vox has already aired several seasons of Grill den Henssler, which is a sequel of the Kocharena show. 3 celebrities cook in a battle against the Hamburg star chef Steffen Henssler. The current season also features the so-called "ship's kitchen", in which both the candidates and Steffen Henssler have to complete a task prior to the preparation of the last course meal.

The installation simulates a kitchen aboard a ship in heavy seas.

Two frames are moved using hydraulic cylinders on a movable base frame by means of a cardanic suspension around the longitudinal or transverse axis in such a way as to enable a smooth movement of the "ship's kitchen". The shaking platform is 1970 millimeters wide, 2970 millimeters long and 850 millimeters high. The platform area can be tilted 20° each.

Beside the "ship's kitchen", Stage Kinetik also provides a screen, which is attached to 2 chain hoists, and a chandelier, which is attached below the studio ceiling using a chain hoist as well.

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