250 years MAN

In October 2008 one of the oldest industrial company, MAN, celebrated his 250-year existence. The festivities therefor climaxed in a ceremonial placed in the courtyard of the Munich Residenz (the former domicile of the Bavarian dukes) – present was the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. Stage Kinetik endowed the celebration with its necessary kinetic properties.

4 LED walls, 23 meters guideway

Therefor the wheeled system for 4 LED Hibino Chromatek 6 millimeters was installed. They have a width of 2,30 meters, a total height of 8 meters (walls 5 meters, chariots 3 meters) and a laden weight about 2 tons per chariot. The track averaged 23 meters, equipped with a continuously variable driving speed of 2m/sec. The system was installed at the tent’s ground with a height of 2,40 meters and coordinated by the SKV control system almost soundlessly. The seamless drive-together and the closing of the walls happened by Stage Kinetik’s locking mechanism.

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