Loveparade 2007

2007 the Loveparade took place in the Ruhr area for the first time. In future world's greatest techno-party should occur once a year in another city of the Ruhr area. Essen was chosen to get things rolling.

The move from Berlin to the Ruhr area was successful. The Loveparade 2007 in Essen (27 floats on a way of 2,5 kilometers) attracted more than 1,2 millions of people. This was the second largest Loveparade ever.

2 circular trusses, 4 bendable moving-trusses, 12 LED panels, All together 48 chain hoists

Stage Kinetik was charged with the implanting of the kinetic elements for the final rally at the Berliner Platz. Therefore the stage was hard-faced with 2 circular trusses. They had a diameter of 8 meters, each with 4 chain hoists. Besides 12 LED panels came into action. They were fixed at 24 chain hoists. 4 bendable moving-trusses were moved by 4 other chain hoists. All together 48 chain hoists DGUV V17 became important - they were moved by the SKV control system.

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