Mercedes Benz at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2006

Every two years in Hannover are meeting not only the automakers but also agents of the supplying industry at a special automobile-mess: the International Automobile Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles. It's not just about presenting trucks - it's also about the skilfully positioning of novelties. In 2006 Stage Kinetik participated in the kinetic parts at the booth of Mercedes Benz.

26 meters "Babylon Bridge", 9 tons

Indeed in central of the show were the vehicles, but with some special effects Mercedes Benz created an high-class event around. For the enactment of the show Stage Kinetik fashioned a 33-meters-long construction, so called the "Babylon Bridge". On this one the singer Julia Hillens stood on a platform and hovered above the audience - it was like she was coming out of nothing.

RRealized was this effect by a detached construction (26 meters long), which was held by a big box looked like a garage. This box had a deep of 7 meters, a width of 4 meters, a height of 7 meters and weighing 6000 kilograms. With its heft the box prevented that the construction was thrown out of kilter and dropped dead. The box disappeared behind a black-covered wall, so that no one in the audience was able to see.

The 26-meters-length of travel was able to position at any desired point - it could moved with a maximum speed of 2m/sec. At the tip of the "Babylon Bridge" was located the singer's platform. This one could moved circa 1 meter down. All in all the "Babylon Bridge" was about 8 - 9 tons. Between the performances the "Babylon Bridge" was parked in its "garage".

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