Mercedes Benz at the IAA commercial vehicles 2012

Mercedes Benz at the IAA commercial vehicles 2012

At the end of September 2012, Hannover was located again for a trade fair unique in the world: the IAA for commercial vehicles (NFZ) is all around trucks, vans and buses - precisely commercial vehicles. Mercedes Benz - they presented their new generation of the Actros, a new highlight for the long-distance traffic.

LED wall with an 5 meter entrance door

With several kinetic elements Stage Kinetik made sure that the new, fuel-efficient models was drawn attention to. Absolutely essential for the presentation was a moving integrated LED wall door in the Barco C5 LED wall, with a total width of 30 meters. The door was 2 x 2,5 wide and 6 meters high and inclosed in the complete wall. It was possible to open and close it seamlessly.

Turntable with a diameter of 5 meters

A special turntable with a diameter of 5 meters acted as an optical highlight at the presentation of the new Mercedes Citan on stage. This is a special construction made by Stage Kinetik, which holds the vehicle at the determined position exactly while its wheels are turning. Additionally controlled Stage Kinetik with its own SKV control system Additionally, during the presentation all the Citan lights could be switch on and off.

Mercedes had proven with their new Actros, that a truck can combine practicability and elegance in one. Stage Kinetik seized this idea und angled all kinetic aspects of the presentation on this slogan.

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