Mercedes Benz Dealer Conference Davos 2012

With the motto "To the top" Mercedes Benz in the middle of May in 2012 staged the international "Dealer Conference" in Davos. 2300 brand representatives from 35 countries were there, when Mercedes Benz presented their dealer phylosophy like: interaction offers, test drives, outdoor areas, themed islands, sophisticatedly staged workshops and fascinating pictorial worlds. At this Stage Kinetik was responsible for the kinetic elements.

5 wireless controlled platforms, 5 x 2 meters and a maximum load of 3000 kilograms each

5 remote and wireless platforms with a size of 5 x 2 meters, which could move a maximum load of 3000 kilograms. The challenge was that the platforms moved on ice-covered surfaces - therefore the platforms had non-slipping wheels. All in all Mercedes fascinated their participants for three days with a composition of architecture, scenography, dramaturgy and media into a futuristic world.

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