NAIAS 2006-2008

Annually numerous companies are presenting their new car-models in Detroit at North America's largest auto show: the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). At the first days of the two-week-mess visits in Detroit's Cobo Center are permitted only for press and industry, finally the show is opened to the public - every year about 800.000 visitors are expected. The NAIAS has an important role to play in the car world: It is the first in the row of the big 5 motor shows every year (NAIAS, Geneva Motor Show, IAA at Frankfurt, Paris Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show). In 2006, 2007 and 2008 Stage Kinetik gave kinetic elements to some of the booths.

2 mobile LED walls (sized 4 x 8 meters) with Timecode

In January 2006 at the NAIAS Ford's premium brand Lincoln presented its new MKX, which launched in 2007. For this presentation Stage Kinetik furnished 2 mobile LED walls (sized 4 x 8 meters), which were navigated by the Timecode.

Turntable (diameter: 5,85 meters), 4 mobile LED walls (each 5 x 1,50 meters) moved

Also in 2006 Jaguar presented the relaunch of its "XK"-series on the NAIAS. The roadster was showcased on a turntable (diameter: 5,85 meters). The speed of the turntable was continuously variable by the SKV control system. Around the turntable 4 mobile LED walls (each 5 x 1,50 meters) moved.

It hovered above the audience during the presentation

The presentation of the new "Town & Country"-models of Chrysler. were supported by Stage Kinetik with a 2-part curtain, also mobile. The curtain was 8 meters high and 4 meters wide. Besides an enormous cloth was called into action. It hovered above the audience during the presentation.

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