Presentation of Nissan in Geneva 2008

For the presentation of „Nissan“ at the Geneva's motor show in 2008 Stage Kinetik developed an all new motion system – the Tripod-Motion-System - This system was also used at presentations in Madrid, London and Moscow.

The new system is based on hydraulic lifting, which is based on the so-called driving simulator. The hydraulic lifting enables to raise a 3000-kilogramms-vehicular and controls it with its own evolved "SKM Movement Commander Controller". The piloting is driven by a joystick, which is based on three cylinders and is able to precisely position up to 0,3 millimeters.

Twist of the vehicular by 360 degrees possible - in an angle of 25 degrees.

The Tripod Motion System can offsets the vehicular in an angle of 25 degrees – the maximum moving speed is about 2 m/sec. Also a rotation of the vehicular by 360 degrees is conceivable. To this end, the entire structure, which is mounted on a rotating assembly, is turned electrically. The Tripod Motion System weighs approx. 2,2 tons.

The whole controlling was controlled by a joystick connected with the new developed SKM controller system. The SKM controller received all positioning data from the joystick, simply learning by doing method. Subsequently the SKM controller saved them in a CUE-list. So the vehicular drove without a sophisticated database, which enabled a fast and easy programming.

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