Ruhrtriennale 2011

After Judaism and Islam the focus of the Ruhrtriennale 2011 was on Buddhism. Since 2002 the Ruhrtriennale is the most popular festival for culture in the Ruhr area. At dozens venues in the whole Ruhr area a lot of dances, theaters and other art-performances take place. Stage Kinetik supports the events for years and in 2011 we made sure of the proper motion technology, so that the visitors could concentrate completely just on the culture.

Hydraulic stage, EHB tracking system for the moon, roll-screens used as variable horizon

Heart piece of the staging was a hydraulic stage (25 meters wide and 8 meters deep), which was movable in 2 axis, front as well as sideways and the stage could tilt as well. The drives stood on dual 40 centimeters tyres. They were housed in a 1,5 x 1,5 meters footprint and about 1 meter high. Each of them weighing 970 kilograms. The whole stage construction was about 14 tons. On a flying system, a 2 meters sphere was fixed which was moved along the EHB track, which seemed to be a real moon in the production. One roll-screen was moved in the stage background - which seemed to be a horizon. Both were moved on the EHB tracking system.

Over the stage platform hovered a moving ceiling, same size as the stage. It was hung off 4 chain hoists, which were mounted on tracks. The chain hoists ensured for a mirrored movement of the stage and the ceiling.

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