SAP at the CeBIT 2008

About 495.000 visitors looked around at world’s largest computer trade show, the CeBIT in Hannover, from 4th of March up to the 9th in 2008. Approximately 6000 producers from 77 different countries presented their assortments, including the software producer SAP. Stage Kinetik undertook the conceptual design and implementing of all kinetic elements in use for SAP’s booth.

3 LED walls, speed: 1,5m/sec

3 LED walls, independently controlled of each other and also independently programmable were used. One of them had a weight of 1,2 tons, all together they were 3,10 meters broad and 2,40 meters high (stand height). Their depth of construction was about 0,50 meters. The walls’ max speed was up to 1,50m/sec, they were positionable individually and controlled by the SKV control system.

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