Siemens at the HMI 2008

Nowhere else besides the Hannover Messe (HMI) people come upon so much game-changing technology. The HMI is the leading marketplace of technical trends and the ideal place for saving modern know-how and presenting recent developments. For one of the most important events in technology worldwide Stage Kinetik equipped the booth of Siemens in 2008 with a turntable (diameter: 10 meters) and a LED wall.

10 meters diameter turntable + LED wall

On the 10m turntable a LED wall composed of Barco I-Lite 6 modules was installed. An additional track and casters were installed to carry the complete load. The turntable is rotary for 180° and positionable up to 0,5 millimeter.

The turntable was controlled by the approved SKV control system. Because many different positions needed to be programmed our SKV computer-based control was used.

2 LED walls with 24-meters track

Furthermore Stage Kinetik furnished two LED trolleys, each on a 24-meters track. The LED walls were to pass every position at the production line to show the audience what was processed there.

The programming of every position and speed was also done by the SKV control system. This was linked on Siemens SPS-steering. Consequently Siemens could determine the walls positioning itself.

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