Siemens at the HMI 2009

3 medialifters, each 1.6 tons weight

At the Hannover Fair (HMI) 2009 Stage Kinetik provided the ideal appearance for the motion technology at the Siemens stand as the year before. 3 so called medialifters were used, each weighing 1.6 tons. On the top of each medialifter a 7 x 12 Barco I-lite 6 millimeters LED wall was installed. Every medialifter was 6.26 meters high and designed for lifting load up to 1.6 tons. They are accurately positionable up to 0.5 millimeters on a length of 9.07 meters at a variable speed of 10 m/min.

The Medialifter's control system was realised by the approved SKV control system. As several positions were preprogrammed and the show was time code controlled, a computer-driven control system came into effect.

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