The Taste 2013

A cooking show, in which the candidates can shine, if they convince the jury with a small delicacy - that is "The Taste". The rules are simple: With just a spoon full of cooking they have to proffer the jurors - and with that they have to score, so that they can reach the next level of the show. A fancy concept! And more, Stage Kinetik is proud to be a part of it.

Since the show started in German television in November 2013 Stage Kinetik is taking care of all needed motion technology.

A circular lifting platform lifted by 3 smaller platforms, 2 lifting platforms of 2 x 5 meters

In the middle of the stage was a circular lifting platform with a diameter of 6 meters. It was lifted by 3 smaller platforms up to 2,82 meters. At one side of the round lifting platform was another lifting platform in the shape of a circular section. This platform was 12,50 meters wide. It was raised by 2 lifting platforms 5 x 2 meters. Between them the surface was supported by 6 "Towertruss" beams.

11 cabins, vertical opening

But the very highlight were the 11 cabins (each 2,40 meters high and a diameter of 1,50 meters). Out of them the candidates entered the stage at the beginning of the show. They were made of lacquered cardboard. The front parts of these cabins could open, where the lower part vanished in the ground. A linear guiding with cambelt drives were used.

Photos: The Taste – Copyright © SAT.1 Oliver S.

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