The Voice of Germany 2013

The Voice of Germany 2013 - 1

There are a lot of casting shows for singers, but from the Netherlands in the end 2011 came a radically innovative one, one that only centered the candidate's voice on the center stage. The jury members could not see the candidates while they were singing, because the jurors sat with their backs toward the candidates, the so-called Blind Auditions. If the jurors are interested to see the candidate, they buzz their chair which then turned and the candidate entered the next round.
With "The Voice of Germany", Pro7 and Sat.1 attain very high broadcast ratings and good TV reviews. From year 2011 Stage Kinetik equips the show with their unique motion technology.

4 turntable chairs for the jury + 1 LED wall with 3,6 tons

For the so-called Blind Auditons Stage Kinetik installed the heart pieces of the show: 4 turntable chairs for the jury members. They could do a U-turn at the touch of the buzzer. Additionally, in the finals a LED wall came into action, with a height of 9,50 meters and two screens with a width of 2,50 meters. Added together the construction weighed about 3,6 tons. With the help of the SKV control system the two panels could move along a 12-meters EHB tracking system, so that an exit with a width of 4 meters was created. Through this opening, the candidates could enter the stage or rebuilds in breaks could be realized.

6 smaller LED walls 2,5 x 2,6 meters

Furthermore 6 smaller LED walls (2,5 x 2,6 meters) were in action. They were placed hanging over the main stage parallel in 2 rows of 3, They were moveable, so that during the performances an unique scenic atmosphere was created.

Photos: © SAT.1/ProSieben/Richard Hübner

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