The Voice of Germany 2014

The Voice of Germany 2014 - 1

As you know, casting shows are a dime a dozen. "The Voice of Germany", however, is a novelty, as the voice of the artists is the only thing that counts. Stage Kinetik has already been providing outstanding stage equipment for the show since its very first shows in 2011.

Movable LED walls with magnetic locking systems

In 2014, an LED wall hanging on an EHB tracking system was used. The two LED walls were 8.5 meters high, 2.5 meters wide and each had a weight of 1225 kilogram. They were attached using a specially developed mounting system and attached to the track using 2 EHB drive trolleys. The system was driven by an EHB drive vehicle used between the 2 drive trolleys. The seamless connection of the 2 LED walls was realized using 2 Stage Kinetik magnetic locking systems. A total of more than 3000 kilograms was applied to the ceiling of the studio in Berlin-Adlershof.

2x lifting platforms with 2,18x2,18 meters and movecat SIL3 control system

2 so-called "Battle Stages" were located on the left and right hand side of the main stage. These stages could be extended using a lifting platform 2x1 meters to up to 1.35 meters. The base area of the two platforms could be enlarged to 2.18 x 2.18 meters using steel attachment parts. 3 truss arms with external dimensions of 4.9 meters, 3.9 meters and 2.9 meters were mounted above each of the 2 side stages and equipped with lights. These were attached to a Movecat DGUV V17 system consisting of 3 chain hoists with an SIL3 control system, which enabled an independent vertical movement. Thus, up to 4.5 tons of dynamic load were applied to the studio ceiling.

Photos: © SAT.1/ProSieben/Claudius Pflug

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