"Thunerseespiele" 2012

4 hydraulic lifting platforms + turntable (8 meters) for a load of 24 tons

Thunerseespiele 2012

Yearly, every summer since 2003, the "Thunerseespiele" occurs at the lake stage in the "Lachnenareal". Every year the emphasis is on a musical - in 2012 it was "Titanic - the Musical". Therefore Stage Kinetik took over the technical realization. For the showing Stage Kinetik supplied 2 big lifting systems and one turntable for heavy loads with a diameter of 8 meters (including the SKV control system), which could load 24 tons.

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This was the core on center stage, on which the ship foreside with three floors was build up. Because of 2 big stage constructions (14 meters wide, 3 meters deep and weighing approx. 6 tons each), the ship could disappear in the stage during the simulated accident. The system was supported by 4 hydraulic lifting platforms (5 x 2 meters) with accurate positioning. A large amount of technology, which resulted that the event passed off smoothly and the visitors were delighted.

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