Volkswagen at the IAA 2007

12 LED walls and 80 meters long curved tracks

Since 2003 Stage Kinetik is equipping the booths of VW at the international trade fair for auto cars IAA in Frankfurt with technology movement.

Instead of a straight running tracking system 2007 for the wheeled LED walls was used a bent carriage initially. All in all 12 Barco-I-Lite-walls drove on 80 meters long curved tracks. Each wall comprised of 15 Barco-panels.

3 airframes for artists and 50 meters guideway

9 panes of different sizes were attached in the front of the wheeled LED walls. In front of these panes a bent airframe system of 60 meters was installed. The show was an interaction of 12 LED walls, standing behind the panes were mentioned, together with 2 artists above the airframe system in front of the panes, and of course image contents plus LEDs, light and sound. Additionally a third airframe system was introduced about a guideway of 54 meters.

The whole sequence was navigated by the SKV control system with timecode.

The commissioning company was the De Vries + Partners Ltd. from Oberhausen.

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