VW-Beetle and up! Congress 2011

In fall 2011, under the clear blue sky of Ibiza Volkswagen presented its innovations. The occasion was "The Beetle and up! Congress" from the 8th of October until the 4th of November 2011. In an area of nearly 22.000 square meters the new models VW up! and VW Beetle were displayed. More than 300 cars stood by for test drives - the islands' landscapes were made for it! Stage Kinetik delivered the needed motion technology for the event, so that the "Beetle and up! Congress 2011"with its 12.000 visitors could become a full success.

VW-Beetle and up! Congress 2011
© hartmannvonsiebenthal

A turntable with a diameter of 25 meters, 536 people, 112 tons of load

On a turntable with a diameter of 25 meters (deadweight: 23 tons) a stand for spectators was installed including wall cladding. More than 500 people were placed on the turntable as well as the FOH and the whole technology - all in all the turntable moved a load of 112 tons.

The stage, build in a half circle around the stand, was covered completely by a curtain, which was moved away at the beginning of the show. The curtain was about 35 meters long. Additionally there was a 5 meter turntable on stage.

Finally the presentation had two entrance doors, which could open and close by a hoisting system just in 3 seconds. The doors had a width of 6 meters and 2,5 meters high. Through those doors the cars could drive on- and off-stage.

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