VW Group Night Paris 2012

In the meantime it became a firm tradition: a Group Night before the trade fair. At the evening before the opening of the Paris motor show in 2012 VW presented the novelties of their 12 brands.

Star of the evening: the new Golf 7. Like all other new models, it stands for the leitmotifs of the evening: Carbon fiber, HP, hybrid. According the motto „Driven by desire“ new models were presented, which are optical highlights but also friends of flora and fauna. Stage Kinetik was rewarded with the realization of all kinetic aspects.

2x 80 meter tracking with 4 low-resolution LED walls

2x 80 meters EHB tracks with 4 low-resolution LED walls of 4 x 8 meters, which were moveable along the whole stage. Additionally 4 sliding gates and 2 hinged walls for entering the stage. All elements were controlled by the Stage Kinetik SKV control system. Additionally, a safety surveillance mechanism with light barriers was integrated in the controls the sliding gates’.

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Photo © Amanda Holmes

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