"Wetten, dass …?" Summerspecial 2007

The summerspecials of "Wetten, dass …?" marked a climax in the running season. For every-year's farewell in the summer break, the brilliant show took place at Palma de Mallorca or in the Disneyland in Paris since 1991. In 2007 the show took place at the 23th of June in the Coliseo Belear at Palma. Stage Kinetik created the setting for an eventful TV-evening with an unique construction.

Ground support with specially constructed equipment

Stage Kinetik was responsible for the star-shaped ground support in the arena. Partly it consisted of specially constructed equipment, which was manufactured individually upon request. Stage Kinetik was also commissioned to build the basic stage. It was measuring 36 x 14 meters and placed in the middle of the arena.

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