Xavier Naidoo Tour 2009

After his song "Dieser Weg" has turned into an unofficial anthem of the World Cup Final 2006, Xavier Naidoo became extremely popular in Germany. At the same time with releasing his fifth solo album entitled "Alles kann besser werden," the exceptional artist started a great tour all over Germany in 2009. Stage Kinetik perfected his stage with the required motion technology.

Mediaglobe with a diameter of 4.5 meters and 2 tons weight

The center of the stage was a mediaglobe, which could turn 220 degrees around and function as a huge LED wall at the same time. The globe’s diameter was 4.5 meters. It consisted of a truss construction and a half-sided exterior shell of LED video modules. The other side of the globe was a mirror ball. Hanging on 3 chain hoists, it could be moved vertically. The whole construction had a total weight of more than 2 tons.

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