Our treadmills are often used at events, in stage- or television productions. Combined with a video wall in the background, even long distance walking motions through landscape could be realized, even on small stages. Performers or dancer for example use treadmills to generate an entrance coming from off-stage. Dancing groups use several treadmills standing parallel to one another to do various performances. For example two treadmills appear in a row moving in opposite directions emerge a nice effect.

Even in game shows our treadmills can be used, if a driving ground should hold off the candidate from reaching a goal. All this is possible up to a speed of 4m/sec (14,4km/h). That makes every candidate sweat! Our treadmills were used for „transporting“ persons or objects like in the old TV-show „Am laufenden Band". Even automobiles without an operating motor could be moved on stage.

In combination with our turntables many other movements on the stage area are possible.

Our treadmills are up to 18 meters long and between 1 and 1,5 meters wide. The treadmills can be built in the staging, building height up to 50 centimeters, or they can be equipped with casters so that they can be position by hand in various position on stage.

If you need any individual dimensions, we’d like to offer you much more frame sizes beyond our stock!