Drive technology

Perhaps you already own a riser or a wheeled lifting platform or a backdrop, which you have to move by hand. But it would be nicer, if you could control these elements at touch of a button, wouldn't it?

We offer individual solutions for your systems. We always pick the right variety out of our drive systems, which can link with your riser system without having to make big alterations.

What about a cambelt drive?

We can offer you an universal usable system with changeable speed ration's. The controlling is naturally ensured by our computer or can even be triggered by timecode. The cam belt system is a low-noise technique and risers can be positioned accurately to the millimeter.

As a rule the cam belt is set into the stage deck so it is flush with the stage surface. No chance for trip hazards! Furthermore the cambelt can be delivered in various colors, so that it forms an unified whole with the stage deck too.

Besides the cambelt drive we also own a large number of different friction wheel drives with changeable speed ratio's. Adding it on existing risers is also no problem.


Stage-Riser are made for driving props or artists from the backstage area up to the mainstage. On doing so, the rebuild of the stage riser for various artist's set doesn't distract the audience's attention from what's actually going on on the main stage.

Stage Kinetik has various different risers in stock, which are used for various events and award presentations for the German television. Our customers include among others the "Echo"-award, the "Bambi"-award and "Der deutsche Fernsehpreis".

Standard risers are made for the minimum a load of 150kg/m² - in many cases even more.