Flying systems for people

Just imagine that at the beginning of your event the host of the show hovers on stage. Acrobats or your show act glide through the air by the hands of ghosts. That would be much more impressive that the spectators are not likely to forget it in an hurry.

Because we're using only high-strength ropes for our aerials, they seem almost invisible in front of a dark backdrop even from a short distance. Even in theatres our flying systems are popular.

Flying systems for vehicles

Just imagine that at your booth the press are waiting for the presentation of the new car. But instead of letting it drives on stage like always, the car flies in gently. For us this is not daydreaming, it's reality! Individual adapted automobile-supported frames take care that your car is always safe, even in the highest position. And its, best: it is possible to fly the car horizontally and vertically. And if you'd like to, we'll also let your car revolve, so that it can be set down directly on a turntable.

Flying system for vehicles

Technical data

Speed horizontal up to 3m/sec
vertical up to 2m/sec
Control Computerized control system with timecode and exact positioning
Attachment Flying Harnesses in different sizes and variations available

Technical data

Speed horizontal up to 1m/sec
vertical up to 0,5m/sec
Control Computerized control system with timecode and exact positioning
Attachment Airframes for all automobiles suitable including auditable statics

Our aerial systems are controlled by our approved SKV control system. Our computer controlled system is used because various positions which are programmed, even using a timecode trigger system, this system continuality controls the flying object and controls it’s speed and position during every flight sequence.