Hydraulic lifting system

World premiere of an hydraulic facility

It just took three months for Stage Kinetik to realize an hydraulic lifting system for moving LED walls, which is unique anywhere in the world, for the booth of BMW on the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt.

The lifting system consisted of 18 lifting cylinders larger than 190 millimeters with a height of 4 meters and in the shape of chrome steel pillars. The maximum driving speed is 6m/sec, with a lift of 2200 millimeters and position accuracy of 0,2 millimeters.

18 lifting cylinders, 7,2 tons moving load

The system was developed for movements in vertical plains, computer controlled by the hard- and software made by Stage Kinetik. The cylinders’ motion sequences were adjusted on the entire show’s choreography. Each cylinder can be moved particularly.

The whole stage construction weighs 23 tons, 7,2 of them are moving load.
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We create individual hydraulic solutions for you!

This new system is a lifting device which is based on three hydraulic cylinders, the so-called driving simulator. The lifting device makes it possible to raise a vehicular with a weight of 3000 kilograms and to navigate it by the SKM-Movement-Commander-Controlling, especially made for this system. The joy stick is used to control the movement of the vehicle (standing on the three cylinders) with an accuracy of up to 0,3 millimeters.

Nissan 2008 2

Concurrently the hydraulic unit offsets the vehicular in an angle of 25 degrees – the maximum moving speed is about 2m/sec. Also a twist of the vehicular by 360 degrees is conceivable. Withal the whole construction, standing at a slewing ring, is guided electrically. It has a deadweight of 2150 kilograms. The whole steering was controlled by the named joystick connected with the new developed SKM control system. The SKM control system receives all positioning data from the joystick and saves them in a CUE-list. This list was able to use with the timecode right after a short settling-in period. The vehicular drives without a sophisticated database, which enabled a fast and easy programming. Read more …