Movable LED walls

Create a memorable show

A show with perfect video-technique: the power of pictures. In doing so LED walls called into action. This is the effect of "moved pictures". Intermediately your products will presented and artists form the event. Your audience bathe into a world of variable pictures.

The LED walls could use preferably with the EHB tracking system. Alternatively they get move on the ground through rail-guided carriages. The weight of the moving LED walls is restricted merely by the static circumstances of the venue. We have moved LED walls in many different ways and the tracking is not limited to straight tracks, but can also feature curves or go on and over turntable.

Even LED walls weighing several tons could be move in multiple m/sec and almost silently. A special locking system made by Stage Kinetik can close several moving LED walls to one total LED wall without disturbing the seams.

You need moving LED walls for your event?

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The video signals could either generated in the walls directly or send at every other wall by a fiber optic cable.

The whole motion sequence of all walls will programmed in the PC of the SKV control system. The program resp. its parts let control by hand or by timecode (synchronized with light-, audio-, video and pyro-technique). A manual intervention is possible every time!

Each LED wall has its own traction motor. The PC data will send by STAGEBUS at every single steering group (DMC2), which are assigned with every single motor. With this transmission system Stage Kinetik has the alternative to transfer data safely via sliding contact, strongly disturbed environments and long circuits.

The position data of the LED walls get ascertained by the DMC2-control, which is directly installed at the motors and the assigned frequency converters. The DMC2-control steers as well the traction motors and operates the electric locking system.