Movecat System Controller

I-Motion Expert-T II System Controller

Overhead scenic runs of several different stage elements are sophisticated. They could be realized optimally by the I-Motion Expert-T II System Controller. Applications with more than 240 drives can be controlled by this digital system. Control in mixed operation of DGUV V54, DGUV V17 to SIL3 drives can be realized without problems. The option even exists of integrating already existing drives and other stage machinery. The safe, efficient and intuitive control of key operating and run parameters is facilitated by an application-optimized, backlit input keyboard with tactile feedback and a multifunctional 3D control knob. It is further enhanced by a flippable 19" touchscreen. The touchscreen takes over the visual representation of the operating, input and system parameters, in a choice of 2D or 3D displays, whether horizontally or vertically oriented.

  • Implementation in accordance with DGUV V17 and EN 61508 SIL3
  • 32-bit high-performance bus system
  • Simple intuitive operation by means of direct input via a function keyboard, multifunctional control knob and 19“ touchscreen
  • Via software: unlimited number of shows and scene changes/cues
  • Supervision and display of the operating states of the hoists/drives such as run direction, speed, position, operating and emergency limit, excess temperature, brake gap monitoring, dynamic load analysis as well as load and run groups
  • Self-testing of relevant functions prior to system enabling
  • Night-design, buttons and input devices illuminated
I-Motion Expert-T II

Variable Motion Powerpacks V-Motion 15/30/40/55/75


The controlling system is complemented by the Variable Motion Powerpacks V-Motion 15/30/40/55/75. They provide in this combination for intelligent and safe kinetic setups supporting variable speeds, meeting the highest technical standards, and complaint with DGUV V17 and SIL3. V-Motion power packs support speeds continuously variable from zero to maximum as a closed-loop system with full torque even during runs continuing beyond the null point ("true zero speed") and reversal of direction without incursion of the brakes. Way- and time-synchronous group and load runs as well as complex scenic transformation operations in contemporary studio, theatrical and event productions are therefore possible, with the highest consideration accorded at all times to the demands of safety.

  • Backlit LCD, display of operating parameters
  • E-Stop button, function-illuminated
  • Four function keys for menu control
  • I-Motion network input, network address software determinable
  • Digital output for ancillary functions
  • Three M 12 rigging options for couplers when truss mounted