Pneumatic systems

Kabuki drop down technique

UEFA Champions League Finale 2013
UEFA Champions League Finale 2013

The Kabuki drop technique was made for dropping down a curtain, a net or a screen for special point of time. No matter whether it is for a theater production, the presentation of a new automobile or even the reveal of a whole building. Our Kabuki drop technique is usable in many different ways. Create an effect, that your spectators will keep in mind!

Comparing the well-known Kabuki systems, our system works with pneumatic cylinders, a mechanism that is triggered through air pressure. So the system is easy and clean and can be used under water or even outside, where rain cripples electrical systems.

The trigger mechanism is located in a tough aluminum housings. Every module can be placed individually because of easy hose connections and different hose lengths. It can be freely extended. It is also possible to run several systems parallel. Thereby several processes can triggered consecutively.

Every Kabuki can loaded with a maximum load of 20 kilograms, controlled by several types.

Technical data

  • at the push of a button, the whole curtain drops down safely
  • Kabuki suspension can be placed individually
  • existing curtains don't have to be re-looped
  • system extends to any size
  • robust aluminum casing
  • released through pneumatic pressure
  • plug in hose connections between Kabuki's
  • carrying capacity per Kabuki: 100kg
  • triggering multiple systems possible
  • dimensions: 115 x 50 x 95mm

Naturally other pneumatic solutions are possible - don't hesitate to contact us!