Eurovision Song Contest 2021

In the period from 18 May to 22 May 2021, the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was held in Rotterdam in the Ahoy Arena.
Under the motto Open UP a spectacle of superlatives took place in front of 3500 spectators. Stage Kinetik was part of the stage production with 173 motors which were controlled by two operators via a server-based network.

Rotating LED wall

One of the highlights of the stage was the LED wall with a width of 52 meters, a height of 12 meters and a total weight of 23.66 tons.
The LED wall consisted of four elements.
The middle two elements had a size of 9 meters by 12 meters and could be rotated by 180° within 16 seconds. For this purpose, the outer elements were each moved outwards by 80 millimeters by means of a push chain drive. All elements were then closed again without any gaps thanks to the Stage Kinetik magnetic locking system.


Especially for the ESC 2021 Stage Kinetik developed the Drop-Arms.
The drop arm is a telescopic spotlight mount that can be moved vertically out of the ceiling.
40 of these new SIL3-certified drop arms were in use in Rotterdam.
With a speed of up to 55 centimeters per second and a lifting distance of 6.05 meters, spotlights could be positioned with millimeter precision.

Other kinetic effects

Thanks to our know how and our professional staff we were able to realize in cooperation with the other trades for each show act a unique and breathtaking staging with the shortest possible conversion times.

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