Remote control platform

Our remote control platforms are controlled by a joystick and the base is 2 x 2 meters large. It has a variety of uses. Because of the low height of the platform (just 20 centimeters) all kinds of props and other items whether motorcycles, backdrops or automobiles can be wirelessly moved on stage. With a maximum load of 1000 kilograms this realizes almost everything.

The platform's base is extendible. By using various extensions which are connected to the platform, any size and shape is possible. In this way bigger loads up to 3000 kilograms can moved. The maximum speed is 1,1m/sec (about 4,4km/h). The platform is movable in every direction and can also be turned on the spot 360°. As a result of this, presentations like on a turntable are possible.

Under the covering made of multiplex wood panels a mass of technique is hidden. Besides electric powertrains and accumulator the odds are to incorporate other, for spectators invisible pyro effects and self-contained power supply (USV). For example headlights or fog machines could operated for a long period without the need of added cables to this wirelessly controlled platform.


Technical data

Dimensions 2m x 2m
Height 0,2m
Maximum speed 1,1m/sec
Base load 260kg
Movement In all directions navigable and rotatable
Handling Via handheld transmitter (joystick)