Whether as screen for video projection or as backplane of a stage, which can wind to facilitate the setup in the off. At the MTV Movie Award 2012 our Megascreen with a length of 20 meters came into action with a perforated screen. It was used as cinema screen and roll up effect opened the stage for high-quality show acts.

TUBE System

TUBE is the high-tech answer for transportable and quickly mountable roll screens. The unique combination of carbon tubes and patent aluminum connectors makes a span length of 1 to 14 meters between the rigging points possible.

Each TUBE system has its own electric drive and can be smoothly speed controlled up to 1,2m/sec by a frequency converter.

Megascreens up to 28 meters

Regarding mobility, dimension and velocity megascreen is unique. This is a transportable rollable screen system for big presentations with a span length of 8 to 28 meters and a rolling velocity up to 0,4m/sec, which can setup fast.

By combining innovative winding technology and the carbon tubes, the system is usable for the mobile areas of theatres, trade fairs or other events and also for permanent installations.