Drive technology

Perhaps you already own a riser or a wheeled lifting platform or a backdrop, which you have to move by hand. But it would be nicer, if you could control these elements at touch of a button, wouldn't it?

We offer individual solutions for your systems. We always pick the right variety out of our drive systems, which can link with your riser system without having to make big alterations.

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Flying systems

Just imagine that at the beginning of your event the host of the show hovers on stage. Acrobats or your show act glide through the air by the hands of ghosts. That would be much more impressive that the spectators are not likely to forget it in an hurry.

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Remote control platform

Our remote control platforms are controlled by a joystick and the base is 2 x 2 meters large. It has a variety of uses. Because of the low height of the platform (just 20 centimeters) all kinds of props and other items whether motorcycles, backdrops or automobiles can be wirelessly moved on stage. With a maximum load of 1000 kilograms this realizes almost everything.

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Remote control platform

Hydraulic lifting system

World premiere of an hydraulic facility

It just took three months for Stage Kinetik to realize an hydraulic lifting system for moving LED walls, which is unique anywhere in the world, for the booth of BMW on the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt.

The lifting system consisted of 18 lifting cylinders larger than 190 millimeters with a height of 4 meters and in the shape of chrome steel pillars. The maximum driving speed is 6m/sec, with a lift of 2200 millimeters and position accuracy of 0,2 millimeters.

18 lifting cylinders, 7,2 tons moving load

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Our treadmills are often used at events, in stage- or television productions. Combined with a video wall in the background, even long distance walking motions through landscape could be realized, even on small stages. Performers or dancer for example use treadmills to generate an entrance coming from off-stage. Dancing groups use several treadmills standing parallel to one another to do various performances. For example two treadmills appear in a row moving in opposite directions emerge a nice effect.

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Movable LED walls

Create a memorable show

A show with perfect video-technique: the power of pictures. In doing so LED walls called into action. This is the effect of "moved pictures". Intermediately your products will presented and artists form the event. Your audience bathe into a world of variable pictures.

The LED walls could use preferably with the EHB tracking system. Alternatively they get move on the ground through rail-guided carriages. The weight of the moving LED walls is restricted merely by the static circumstances of the venue. We have moved LED walls in many different ways and the tracking is not limited to straight tracks, but can also feature curves or go on and over turntable.

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Pneumatic systems

The Kabuki drop technique was made for dropping down a curtain, a net or a screen for special point of time. No matter whether it is for a theater production, the presentation of a new automobile or even the reveal of a whole building. Our Kabuki drop technique is usable in many different ways. Create an effect, that your spectators will keep in mind!

Comparing the well-known Kabuki systems, our system works with pneumatic cylinders, a mechanism that is triggered through air pressure. So the system is easy and clean and can be used under water or even outside, where rain cripples electrical systems.

The trigger mechanism is located in a tough aluminum housings.

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Megascreens up to 28 meters

Whether as screen for video projection or as backplane of a stage, which can wind to facilitate the setup in the off. At the MTV Movie Award 2012 our Megascreen with a length of 20 meters came into action with a perforated screen. It was used as cinema screen and roll up effect opened the stage for high-quality show acts.

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Tracking systems

Our tracking systems are designed to move loads horizontally and to be installed off the ceiling of a hall, a theatre or a TV studio. Therefor we always have the right track for several loads and purposes, all stock available. Single loads up to 1200 kilograms are no problem for our tracks.

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The SKV control system for kinetic effects in the event sector

The SKV control system is a computer supported positioning system for motor drives in the event sector. It is adjusted to the specific standards: under compliance of all security demands, it combines a short assembly- and show-programming time with high flexibility and error safe operation even in a rough environment. Up to 64 drives of all kinds can be controlled simultaneously by one system, supported by over 500 actuator- outputs and over 500 sensor-inputs. The synchronization with light-, sound-, video- and pyro-technology, as well as with other SKV-systems, occurs via time code connections.

SKV control system use industrial computers for the operation. It enables the operator to observe all drives at once and to react automatically or manually in every situation. The program to be created for each show event is clearly displayed in modular form and even makes short term modifications possible. In the online-operation it controls all drives and shuts down all drives in the case of any errors or disturbances.

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