Telescopic microphone

This inconspicuous microphone stand can be unobtrusively recessed into the stage floor at the touch of a button and it has already been used during several award ceremonies like the Bambi Award, the Echo or the German Film Award. It is, for example, useful if the award winner, who is not provided with a clip-on microphone, wants to talk to the audience or give thanks to his producer, as no assistant is required to place a microphone on stage. Moreover, the height of the stand can be individually adjusted to the speaker's body size.

Copyright Askania Media - Max Kohr

Technical data

Base height only 0,60m
Maximum height 1,80m
Positioning 5 positions
using limit switch
Speed 24m/min, electric drive fully extended in just 8 seconds
Compatibility suitable for different microphone types
Material precision carbon tubes
Color black

The telescopic microphone stand is made of precision carbon tubes and requires a base height of only 60 centimeters. The stand itself is recessed flush into the stage floor.

The maximum telescope height without microphone is 1,80 meters and can be reached within only 8 seconds. A total of 5 freely programmable positions can be determined using the so-called teach-in method. Intermediate positions can be manually adjusted at any time.

The remote control is designed for a distance of up to 100 meters. The microphone stand is suitable for standard microphone sockets, 3 pin XLR, and only requires a standard Schuko power connection.