Tracking systems

Our tracking systems are designed to move loads horizontally and to be installed off the ceiling of a hall, a theatre or a TV studio. Therefor we always have the right track for several loads and purposes, all stock available. Single loads up to 1200 kilograms are no problem for our tracks.

EHB tracking

EHB track

The EHB tracking system is our most flexible system. Available in several lengths among 0,5 to 6,0 meters and with various curve radiuses from 1 to 25 meters.

The application possibilities could not possibly differ more. For example all our aerials for persons run on the EHB tracking. We use the EHB tracking to horizontally run and position small or midsize LED walls. In combination with an electric chain hoist the moving LED walls could move vertically as well.

The EHB track can also be used as floor guidance systems.

The max. load for each aerial is 350 kilograms. For bigger loads we use larger trolleys, which can be loaded up to 750 kilograms. In our stock we have trolleys with and without drives. All trolleys with drives are controlled by our SKV control system.

The double-T-shaped EHB track is equipped with a busbar, which is used for the transmission of electric power and data. Electric power up to 400 volts and currents up to 125 amperes can be transported.

KBK tracks (point loads up to 1200 kilograms)

KBK track

The KBK heavy-duty-system is the suitable tracking system for loads up to 5 tons. Available in several lengths from 0,5 to 5,0 meters standard track lengths and with a curve radius of 1,5m. Basic trolleys are used for point loads up to 600 kilograms. If you combine two trolleys with a cross bar, you can hang a load of 1200 kilograms. A slider is used to move trolleys on this tracking system. Alternatively we can also use a winch as a drive system. . In that case, a double wire winch is connected with the driving object using pulleys, so that moves in both directions are possible.

Different to the EHB tracking system , the power and data cables for the KBK tracks have to be tracked separately with special cable trolleys in the KBK tracking.

This is the ideal-track for very heavy loadswhere we do not depend on millimeter-precise positioning. If however this is nevertheless urgently required, our established code belt positioning system could help.

Curtain system

Stage Kinetik's curtain systems are based on tracks and come into action at scenic movements of curtains, backdrops and lighting set. The very flexible and modular built tracking system with different lengths and curve radii is applicable. Even the most exceptional contours or zig-zag-patterns can be realized with this track. The curtain track is multifunctional and expandable anytime.

The design is simple: The tracking system hangs on a truss or a tube with hocks. At the end of the curtain track an electric motor is fixed, which makes the curtain open and close

For lightweight backdrops or screen-frames we have special track-undercarriages, which could carry weights up to 50 kilograms. Furthermore, there are various adaptations.