Stage Kinetik stocks various trusses made of aluminum and steel, with different lengths, called Tower Truss, Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and CD-Truss. They are qualified for different qualifications – from lightweight construction to installations in areas exposed to heavy loads. Truss specifications as follows:

Tower Truss (TT)

Dimensions 30 x 30cm, 4-point truss made of aluminum
Available lengths 0,5m / 0,75m / 1m / 1,5m / 2m / 2,5m / 3 m / 4m
Producer Tomcat, Thomas, Altras
Specials Assorted angles, pivot and locking hinges, Corners, Adapters, Bases

Medium Duty Truss (MD)

Dimensions 52 x 52cm, 4-point truss made of aluminum
Available lengths 0,5m / 0,8m / 1m / 1,5m / 2m / 2,5m / 2,6m / 3m / 4m / 5m
Producer Tomcat, Thomas
Specials Assorted angles, Pivots, Hinges, Corners, Adapters, Sleeve-Blocks, locking hinges

Curved trusses

We stock a lot of different curved trusses: LowDuty (TT) or MediumDuty trusses of Tomcat and TFL.

Assembling straight truss elements between curved sections, other diameters are possible. Those may not be accurate circular, but not visibly recognizable. Even if the diameter is more than 10 meters (little amplification) resp. 24 meters (major amplification). Please don’t hesitate and ask us for further sizes! We’re looking forward for an individual solution for your event

TT outer diameter Ø = 3m

MD outer diameter Ø = 4m / 6m / 8m / 10m / 24m / 36m


Heavy Duty Truss (HD)

Dimensions 76 x 52cm, 4-point truss made of alumnium
Available lengths 1m / 2m / 2,5m / 3m / 4m
Producer Tomcat, Thomas, Altras
Specials Sleeve-Blocks, Corners, Gates with sleeves

CD-Truss (CD)

Dimensions 100 x 50cm, 4 point truss made of steel
Available lengths 1m / 1,5m / 2m
Producer Nüssli
Specials Sleeve-Blocks, Corners, Adapters, Bases

Rigging material

One thing is indispensable for hanging and connecting trusses: rigging material. Stage Kinetik stocks more than 10.000 different fasteners.

Beam clamps, steels, shackles, regular grips and straps are waiting in our stock for their use in your next event.