Stage Kinetik GmbH constructs and produces turntables with a diameter ranging from 0,20 to 25 meters with various set ups. Bearing loads of up to 90 tons or more are possible in accordance with the diameter and the design variations. Larger diameters and specials constructions are possible upon request.

The majority of our turntables are made of steel. All these models have tracks on the outer diameter and in case of larger turntables with multiple tracks, and a large-diameter center bearing unit in the center, therefore it is possible to turn eccentric loads easily and reliably.

The performance is for all types of service and speeds, always quiet and smooth - even during starting and stopping.

The turntables are driven with the proven friction wheel technology on the outer track of the construction. We offer a 21 millimeters multiplex covering as standard surface. For decorative finish an additional covering is necessary. If you require a decorative covering, we will be delighted to make you an offer.

The overall height of our turntables is between 150 and 295 millimeters.

As option it is possible to implement power up to 100 amps and various data sensors using sliding busbars in the center.

We also offer a positioning capability with our Stage Kinetik proven SKV control system for all turntables. As a result, motion sequences are user-programmable and can be reproduced at any time.

Available standard sizes

  • 0,20m / 0,9m ­ 2m variably adjustable
  • adjustable 5m / 6m / 7m / 8m / 10m
  • 12m / 13,5m / 16m / 17m / 25m

Of course other sizes and types of designs are possible upon request of course.