Movecat VMW-S Entertainment Winch SIL3

The VMW-S 125-3 has been tested in accordance with DGUV V17, DIN 56950 and DGUV G315-390 and approved for use over human heads and in aerial systems as well as conforming to EN 61508 SIL3. It moves loads up to 125 kilograms at speeds continuously variable from 0 to 3m/sec. The winch achieves acceleration values up to astounding 3m/sec². The hoisting height is up to 24 meters. Maintenance-free or else ultra-low-maintenance mechanical and functional elements assure problem-free use even under stressful tour conditions.

VMW-S 125-3 Entertainment Winch

Technical data

Maximum load 125kg
Lifting speed 3m/sec
Acceleration max. 3m/sec²
Maximum height 24m
Rope 5mm
Engine output 5,5kW
Duty cycle 40%
Brakes 2 (with contact-free monitoring and emergency ventilation function)
Incremental encoder 1
Protection against thermal overload 1 (self-resetting)
Geared limit switch tracks 4 (independent with visualization)
Load-measuring system DMS
Dimensions 1050 x 518,3 x 628 (LxWxH)
Weight 212kg

The technical refinements of the entertainment winch include a dynamic load system that is independent of the installation position and isolated from the drive influences normally encountered. The effective load is ascertained and evaluated in every installation position. An integrated cable guide with a central cable outlet located in the middle of the front side allows optimal central load application when used with trusses and optimal operation of aerial systems with two winches placed opposite, the distance between the two ropes only 15 centimeters. Tried and tested in the Movecat V-series, a status board displaying the most important function parameters is also integrated along with DIN 56950 test functions for the separate testing of the brakes and limit switch functions. Both brakes are equipped with a manual release lever for the controlled lowering of suspended loads in emergency operation.

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